The Rose Quartz Facial Roller has been an important part of the Chinese traditional medicine for many centuries. It’s easy to use just rolling over the skin, stimulating blood circulation, improving skin elasticity and reducing the pore size. It also can make miracles in the fight against wrinkles appearance.


The Rose Quartz Facial Roller can be used on any type of skin condition: acne, dryness or rosacea.

Can be part of your morning or night beauty routine. It's small and easy posrtable and can fir in your small cosmetics bag.


Benefits of using your Rose Quartz Face Roller:


·  Increased skin circulation and collagen

·  Relaxation of facial muscles

·  Remarkable improvement of your facial skin, giving it more vitality, glow and natural beauty

·  Reduction of under-eye bags

·  Decreases tension and promotes mood

·  Increases lymphatic activity

·  Helps Facial Oils /Serums penetrate deeper

·  Rejuvenates your skin and brings back the radiant glow 

·  Promotes the natural detoxification process


How to use it:


First wash and dry your face, then apply a serum or face oil and start rolling on your skin.

With the big side apply gently pressure and start rolling your skin in an upward motion on your cheeks, jaw and forehead always to the hairline.The smaller roller is for your under-eye area and lips.


Don’t forget to clean your roller with warm and soapy water, allow it to dry and storage it till your next massage.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller


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