Handmade wax cylinders with essential oils with a small tea candle placed in the middle. The warmed wax lamp emits a gentle light, filtered through dried fruits, flowers and herbs. The long-lasting, delicate aroma will fill your home and will make the atmosphere very romantic. The set includes a fragrance wax lamp, glass stand and 3 tea candles. The wax actually never melts if used properly and the aroma might last for more than a year.



11/11 cm



Used only with tea candles! Light one tea candle and place it in the center of the glass bottom, evenly spaced from the wax cylinder. Kept the lamp away from warm or hot objects!



Medical paraffin, stearic acid (astringent), colorants, fragrances



From 1 to 2 years.




Handmade Aroma Wax Lamp LEMONGRASS

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