Beautiful, handmade wax candles with premium essential oils, each with their own unique design and delicate aroma. Their beautiful decoration of dried fruits, flowers and herbs will complement your interior with style. All our decorated handmade candles feature delicate and luxoriuous scents that will fill your home with light, relaxing and romantic atmosphere.



8.5 / 9 cm.


Burning time:

65-70 hours



Let the candle burn for no more than 2 hours and 30 minutes continuously and then put it out for at least 20 minutes before lighting it again. This way a small well is formed on the surface, that keeps the candle burning down and preserves the beautiful decoration.



Beeswax, stearic acid (astringent), fragrances, colourants




Handmade aroma candle AMBER

SKU: CA006

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